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Seasonal recommendations

Seasonal recommendations


Carpaccio of Balfegó tuna with rosemary oil, avocado mayonnaise and quail egg 21,00

Marinated salmon loin with green asparagus, bena-sprout salad and beetroot vinaigrette 18,00

"Platillo" stew of beans with “cresta de gall” wild mushrooms, baby cuttlefish and a cuttlefish ink tuile 18,00

"Guisat" stew of peas and “morel” wild mushrooms with veal sweetbreads and cod tripe 22,00

Bluefin tuna tartare from Balfegó with sherry and avocado mayonnaise 31,00

Locally wild fish (price/100 gr)
Sea Bass 9,75 - Gilthead 8,75 - Turbot 8,60 - Dentex fish 9,00 - Red scorpionfish 9,00
John Dory fish 8,75 - Red bream 7,50 - Remol 8,50 - Snapper 8,75 - Pagellus 8,00

Main courses

Spider crab cannelloni with spider crab mousseline and coral 18,50

Loin of hake in a salsa verde with peas, baby garlic and green asparagus 21,50

Confit loin of cod on a bed of spinach with raisins and pine nuts and an apple mousseline 25,00

Balfegó tuna steak medallions with duck liver and muscatel reduction 33,50

Peeled lobster with coral-roe mousseline on a bed of truffled parmentier potato 39,50


Duck Magret with a caramelised pear Tarte Tatin and a muscatel reduction 19,00

Crispy confit suckling pig with its jus and confit apple timbale with cheese mousseline 19,00

Escalope of Iberico pork shoulder in a ragout of Chanterelles and confit pumpkin pearls 21,50

Grilled confit Angus chop steak with Padrón peppers and mustard sauce 24,75